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Flags Across America® - Description

Flags Across America® is a volunteer program for communities across the nation. It is aimed at educating young people about the Flag of the United States of America. The program is designed and developed to create awe-inspiring, educational civic and educational Flag Day celebrations across the country.  The intent of these celebrations is to elevate Americans to ever greater heights of commitment to flag and country.

The flags flying across America will be a constant reminder of national unity in the preservation of freedom from past to future. Each Flag Day celebraton is to be  designed and maintained by individuals and organizations in the host community. Flags Across America® will provide your community with celebration ideas that are designed for patriotic assemblies, and flag education events paying tribute to millions of Americans who toiled and sacrificed to make our country a land of freedom and opportunity.

Getting Started

As with any worthwhile project, it takes commitment and dedication by many individuals to raise the large flag over a county or community, to maintain the flag, and become involved in National Flag Foundation educational programs. If you are interested, please download our start-up packet (12 pages) or you may call Clark Rogers at (412) 261-1776.

Download the Start-Up Packet