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Platform or Floor

Floor image

When displayed on the floor or on a platform, the flag is given the place of honor, always positioned behind the speaker and to the speaker's right, and to the left of the audience. Other flags, if any, are positioned to the right of the U.S. Flag as seen by the audience.

The "right" as the position of honor was established from the time when the "right hand" was the "weapon hand." The right hand raised without a weapon was a sign of peace.

Years ago there was a practice (generally in churches) of placing the flag to the left of the speaker, or to the right of the audience, if the flag was on the floor in front of the speaker and between the speaker and the audience.  This practice is no longer proper protocol.  The flag should be to the left of the audience, defined by the greatest number of people observing it.  

If there is a flag at an exit of an assembly room, it should be placed to the left of the door, which positions it to the viewers left when leaving the room.